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In plumbing, normal flow means the fluids in your pipes move in the desired direction, clean drinking water flows in and sewage flows out. With backflow, the contents reverse direction and back up into your plumbing and water system. Backflow not only poses a threat to your home and health, but it also can contaminate the municipal water supply or your well water. That is why you need Black Forest Plumbing for your backflow prevention services in the GTA. 

Backflow Testing and Installation
Before you have frozen pipes, a burst water main or other failure in water pressure that can cause backflow, have our plumber test your water backflow prevention devices. Not only will your property and potable water be safer, but you will also be in compliance with local sanitary regulations.

Are you installing new plumbing or beginning new construction? Black Forest Plumbing also installs and performs routine maintenance on backflow devices throughout the GTA. All residential and commercial properties should have backflow prevention devices, along with periodic testing.

Ask for Information and an Estimate
Our professional staff will be happy to answer all of your questions about backflow preventers, installations, testing, maintenance, regulations, bylaws, surveys and enforcement issues. You can be worry free with our backflow prevention services in the GTA. Call Black Forest Plumbing for a free consultation. We test all sizes of backflows and handle all permit pulling.

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