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It's always heartbreaking when one buys an expensive new appliance and accidentally damages it while trying to install it themselves. So why not call in the experts? From homeowners to business owners and property managers, our clients trust us for cost-effective, professional and courteous appliance installation services in the GTA. 

During the appliance hook-up process, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other utility space, we take the necessary precautions when handling the electrical, plumbing and gas connections jobs associated with the machinery.

Home Appliance Installation

At Black Forest Plumbing, we provide all kinds of home appliance installation services. Whether you need assistance with electric or gas appliances, we will install them with care and precision. Our team of certified and qualified technicians is skilled in installing various home appliances.

Professionals, You Can Trust

Our technicians are well-versed with different types of appliances and their unique installation requirements. Dishwashers, for instance, need attention to not just water and electricity supply but also the drainage. Garburators work on several levels of motor horsepower. For instant hot water heaters, one must be mindful of which faucets are running. We are familiar with them all! Our appliance installers are trained to set up all makes and models, including high-end appliances, and ensure that everything works properly. 


We install a variety of appliances, which include but are not limited to:


  • Dishwashers 
    Having a dishwasher that isn't working is a nightmare. At Black Forest Plumbing, we provide all kinds of dishwasher installations. Whether you have plugging issues or water draining problems, we will address every dishwasher installation issue.

  • Refrigerators
    We can install all kinds of residential refrigerators, including stand-alone and freezers.

  • Garburators (garbage disposal equipment) 
    Garburators may not be the most powerful kitchen equipment, but they are surely one of the most dangerous. You don't have to be afraid of getting your fingers too close to the kitchen drain anymore. With our skilled and certified plumbers from Black Forest Plumbing, you can feel confident that your garburator will be installed securely and effectively.

  • Insta-hot water heaters
    Water heaters of any kind can be challenging to install. Problems with installation can result in leaks. We can help with any problem you are facing with your water heater.

  • Reverse osmosis water purifier 
    Our RO service staff is accessible all the time to take care of your RO water purifier installation needs. Together with our RO service centre team in GTA, we are committed to providing prompt RO water purifier installation solutions.

  • Ultraviolet water purifier
    Ultraviolet water filtration and sanitization is a unique and quick way to clear water of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, mildew, and algae without the use of harsh chemicals. Because no chemicals are added to the water, this water disinfection technique is appropriate for a wide range of applications. If you need a UV water purifier installation, we will be glad to assist you.

  • House filters
    House water filtration combines water softening and filtration technologies into a single system that purifies water before it reaches your home. Black Forest Plumbing provides house filter installation services across GTA.

Contact Us Today

We offer various other plumbing services, such as hot water tank repair. Give us a call and tell us what service you need. We will be happy to assist. 



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