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Are your sinks not draining? Is your toilet backing up? You could have a blocked or damaged sewer line. Instead of digging up your lawn to uncover the problem, the team of licensed technicians at Black Forest Plumbing offers non-invasive sewer camera inspection. Using a high-resolution camera, our team can inspect the inside of your sewer line to quickly locate and repair hidden blockages.

Black Forest Plumbing serves customers in Newmarket, Barrie and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today for more information or to request a free quote.

What’s a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection, also known as a drain camera inspection or sewer video inspection, is the process of inspecting the inside of a sewer pipe using a specialized camera system.

At Black Forest Plumbing, we use a high-resolution, waterproof camera attached to a flexible cable or rod. As the camera moves through the pipe, it records video and sends it to a monitor for the plumber to view in real-time.



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Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection and What It Can Find

At Black Forest Plumbing, we use high-resolution sewer cameras to quickly detect a variety of drainage issues, including:


  • Tree root intrusions: Large tree roots can penetrate sewer lines and form root balls that cause sewer blockages.

  • Cracked, sagging and deteriorated pipes: When sewer pipes get old, they can crack, break and collapse, causing major sewer line problems.

  • Foreign objects: Flushing items like baby wipes, sanitary napkins, and Q-tips down the drain can cause blockages.

  • Oil and grease buildup: Pouring fats, oils and grease down the drain is a big no-no. They eventually harden, which can lead to massive sewer blockages.

Good Reasons to Schedule a Sewer or Drain Camera Inspection

Unlike conventional sewer-line inspection methods that require expensive and time-consuming excavation, sewer video inspection is non-invasive and cost-effective. Our cameras can quickly pinpoint the exact location of the problem, allowing us to provide targeted solutions. This greatly minimizes unnecessary work and expenses.


Additionally, sewer camera inspections are a great preventative measure because they’re quick and affordable. Conducting periodic inspections ensures minor issues are addressed before they escalate into costly repairs or replacements.


If you’re considering buying an older home, sewer camera inspection can be a valuable tool. If the inspection reveals major defects, you can cancel the sale and negotiate a better price or budget for necessary plumbing repairs.

Schedule a Drain Camera Inspection in the GTA

If your pipes are blocked, and you can’t pinpoint the issue, the licensed and insured plumbers at Black Forest Plumbing can help. We offer non-invasive sewer camera inspections to quickly identify the problem and provide an optimal solution. We proudly serve customers in the York Region and most of the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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