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If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time in your shower - about seven to 10 minutes each day. It’s, therefore, important to keep your shower fixtures in good condition. A finely tuned shower system makes your daily routine more pleasant, helps prevent sudden breakdowns and even allows you to save water.

At Black Forest Plumbing, we offer comprehensive shower repair services. We also install new fixtures and piping for shower replacements. Contact us for more information or to schedule a service call.

Do You Have a Leaky Shower?

Black Forest Plumbing installs the highest quality purification systems. We offer reverse osmosis and ultraviolet systems, both of which are chemical-free, extremely effective means of removing impurities from tap water.

Limescale buildup
If limescale or other deposits are clogging the spray holes, this can force water out of other openings in your shower head. The showerhead will need to be descaled or, in some cases, replaced.
Worn rubber washer
Worn components in the valve and showerhead can cause leaking. The most common culprit is the rubber washer. If you have a single-handle faucet, you may need to have the rubber washer in the showerhead replaced. If you have a double-handle faucet, you may need to have the rubber washer inside the faucet replaced.
Malfunctioning diverter valve
The diverter valve is what allows you to divert the flow of water from the bathtub faucet to the showerhead and vice-versa. Over time, this valve can become worn or clogged by sediment buildup, resulting in leaking. Sometimes a deep clean can fix a faulty diverter valve, but more often replacement is needed.

If you have a leaky shower, don’t wait to get it fixed. Even a small leak will end up wasting a lot of water and costing you money. The qualified plumbers at Black Forest Plumbing can pinpoint and fix the issue right away.



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Are You Having Other Problems With Your Shower Fixtures?

Black Forest Plumbing can resolve any shower problems you’re dealing with, including the following:

Poor water pressure
Low water pressure is frustrating. It makes showering long and tedious and all-in-all unpleasant. This problem may be caused by limescale buildup in the showerhead, mineral buildup in pipes or an issue with your water pressure reducing valve. Our qualified plumbers can identify and resolve this issue in a timely manner.
Clogged drain
Hair and soap scum can get caught deep in the drain, causing your shower to empty slowly and leaving you standing in a pool of dirty, unsanitary water. A clogged drain can also cause foul odours. Don’t try to fix this issue with chemical drain cleaners, which are known to damage pipes. Have one of our experienced plumbers remove the blockage and thoroughly clean your drain.
Noisy shower
Showers are supposed to be relaxing, but it’s pretty hard to unwind when you’re being bothered by noises. Plus, unusual sounds are typically symptoms of underlying issues. For example, your shower unit may not be properly secured to the wall. Let a professional diagnose and fix the issue before it goes from bad to worse.
Bursts of hot water
Sudden burst of hot water while showering is a dangerous issue that can lead to serious burns. And nobody likes sudden blasts of freezing water either. If your water temperature isn’t consistent, count on us to fix the problem.

The qualified plumbers at Black Forest Plumbing can handle any and all issues you’re having with your plumbing fixtures.

Why Should You Trust a Plumber With Your Shower Installation?

Installing shower fixtures requires expert plumbing knowledge. It also requires a familiarity with the plumbing codes and regulations in your region. When you need to replace your shower fixtures or do any other plumbing work, you should always entrust the task to a qualified professional. No do-it-yourself shower installation or repair job can compare with the expertise of a qualified plumber.

Do You Need an Experienced Plumber in the GTA?

If you’re having a problem with your shower or other bathroom fixtures, simply give us a call. We offer comprehensive shower installation and repair services as well as 24/7 emergency plumbing services. Contact us today to schedule a service call.

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