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Are you having trouble keeping your drains clean? As a property owner, you know how inconvenient a clogged drain can be. Unaddressed blockages can compromise the integrity of your property and your health. Fortunately, Black Forest Plumbing offers comprehensive and affordable residential and commercial drain cleaning services in Newmarket, Markham, Barrie and throughout the GTA.


Contact us today to have your drains cleaned quickly and efficiently. We’ll work around your busy schedule and find a time that works best for you.

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Expert Drain Clearing Services

At Black Forest Plumbing, we believe every property deserves the highest quality plumbing and drain-clearing services. We provide the following services to ensure your property never experiences another drain problem again:


Locating drains
Camera inspections
Removing drain line blockages
Cleaning shower drains
Cleaning kitchen drains
Cleaning toilet and urinal drains
Cleaning roof drains
Cleaning floor drains
Cleaning lawn area drains
Hydro-jetting services
Installing clean-outs



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Our Drain Clearing Processes

As a professional drain cleaning service provider, we use a variety of modern equipment, such as drain snakes and high-end drain machines, to identify drain issues and deliver effective cleaning. Here’s an overview of some of our processes.

  • Drain camera inspections. A drain camera consists of a small, waterproof camera attached to a flexible rod. The unit is drawn through hidden pipes and drains to quickly identify what’s causing a blockage or leak.

  • Drain snaking. A drain snake, also called a plumbing snake or sewer snake, is a flexible auger that reaches down into pipes to dislodge blockages. A drain snake effectively scrapes and cleans the inside of your pipes to remove buildup and prevent future clogs.

  • High-end drain machines. Our team uses the latest drain cleaning machines, including hydro-jetting equipment, to clean out hardened sludge, debris, dirt, grease, hair or even tree roots from pipes, drains, sewer lines and sump pits.

While we know that drain cleaning is a messy job, we do our best to perform it without hampering your routine or causing any harm to your property.

Reasons Why Drains Need Efficient Cleaning

Your drain problems may be due to the accumulation of fat and grease or the invasion of tree roots. Whatever the cause, ignoring your drain problems can lead to major repairs. Here are four reasons why it’s important to invest in professional drain cleaning.

1. Identify future problems
Having your drains regularly cleaned eliminates existing clogs and identifies any potential problems that could arise in the future. Daily wear and tear can cause hidden corrosion, leaks, fractures and cracks.
2. Prevent future clogs
If your pipes keep clogging, there may be something stuck that your plunger can’t remove. This issue calls for quick action by a trained plumber who can clean the gunk from inside the pipe walls and prevent future clogs.
3. Improve the lifespan of your drains
Failing to clean your drains properly can lead to scale buildup, causing the inside of your pipes to narrow. This can result in water flow problems, increased obstructions and frozen pipes during winter. Cleaning your drains periodically is one of the best ways to help them last longer.
4. Prevent expensive repairs
Cleaning your pipes regularly allows you to catch minor issues early on and prevent them from turning into costly, major repairs.

Common Signs Your Drains Need Cleaning

Here are some signs it’s time to have your drains cleaned by the professionals at Black Forest Plumbing:

Slow Drains
Although it may seem minor, a slow-moving drain can eventually escalate into a huge issue. For example, the pipe can narrow due to mineral buildup, or the grading can be thrown off.
Recurring Clogs
Recurring clogs often occur when your pipes aren’t cleaned properly. Shower and bathroom sink drains are especially prone to stubborn clogs, as a lot of hair regularly washes down the pipe.
Foul Smell
Unpleasant odours emanating from your drains are a sign there’s something wrong with your drainage system. While you can try to clean it yourself, it’s better to leave it to a professional.
Water Flooding
If you notice water on the floor of your basement or near a drain, it may mean your drain has stopped working, causing dirty water to flow out of the system.
Multiple Clogged Drains
If more than one drain in your home is clogged, you need to have a professional inspect your main drain line. This type of issue requires professional drain cleaning, which can’t be done with plungers or chemical cleaners.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Here are several causes of clogged drains throughout your home:

  • Hair, fur and soap residue commonly cause clogs, especially in the bathroom and laundry room. When hair and fur bind to soap scum, it can knot up and reduce the diameter of your pipes, causing slow drainage or backups.

  • Cooking oil, grease and fat cause serious problems in your kitchen drains. These substances coat the inside of your pipes and solidify, causing major blockages.

  • Undissolved food waste can become tightly packed inside your pipes, harming your entire drainage system. For instance, tea leaves and coffee grounds are especially problematic because they don’t break down.

  • Baby wipes, diapers and feminine hygiene products should never be flushed down the toilet. These items are too bulky and can easily cause a blockage.

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Pipes

Your pipes get used all day long — when flushing the toilet, washing the dishes or completing other chores. This continuous usage can eventually wear down your pipes, causing leakages and cracks. Sometimes, natural factors like the invasion of roots can also cause damage to the pipes. If you haven’t had your pipes repaired recently and want them to last longer, take the following steps:


Maintain the right level of water pressure
Avoid using chemical drain cleaners
Don’t ignore any leakages
Invest in regular drain cleaning
Avoid flushing things like toys and wrappers down the toilet
If there is a slow drain, get it fixed immediately

Choose Black Forest Plumbing for Affordable Drain Cleaning

At Black Forest Plumbing, we always take the time to understand your needs before delivering a solution. Our values of honesty and transparency have enabled us to become a trusted name in the business. Here are just a handful of reasons to do business with us:


Prompt and accurate drain cleaning services
Trained and friendly professionals who treat you like family
Courteous and honest customer service that never lets you down
Cost-effective cleaning solutions that fit within your budget
We guarantee 100% satisfaction with "fix it right, or it's free" policy

Reliable Drain Cleaning in the GTA

If you need to clear or unclog a blocked drain in your home or business, the licensed and insured plumbers at Black Forest Plumbing can help. Count on us for right-sized pricing and guaranteed satisfaction. We serve customers in the York Region and most of the GTA. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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