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At Black Forest Plumbing, we install and service quality water purifying systems. The reverse osmosis and ultraviolet purification systems we offer are designed to remove all contaminants, bacteria and viruses from your tap water. Contact us today to learn more about our water purification services.

We Offer a Full Selection of State-of-the-Art Purification Technologies

Black Forest Plumbing installs the highest quality purification systems. We offer reverse osmosis and ultraviolet systems, both of which are chemical-free, extremely effective means of removing impurities from tap water.

Reverse osmosis systems
A reverse osmosis system pushes water through multiple filters to remove contaminants and leave you with clean, tasty water. The impurities are subsequently flushed down the drain.
Ultraviolet systems
An ultraviolet system uses UV light to destroy contaminants. The water also passes through various filters before being treated by UV light. UV water purifying systems eliminate 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Who Needs a Water Purification System?

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What Are the Benefits of a Water Purification System?

To sum up, here are the advantages of having a reverse osmosis or ultraviolet water purification system:

It removes impurities
A water purification system eliminates any harmful contaminants that find their way into tap water, including arsenic, iron, copper, nitrates, sulphates, chlorine, pesticides and hormones.
It improves the taste of water
Water purifying systems get rid of unpleasant tastes and odours, allowing you to enjoy better-tasting water.
It saves you money
With a water purification system, you can enjoy safe, tasty water right out of your tap and finally kick your bottled water habit.

Effective and Affordable Water Purifying Systems in the GTA

Do you want to enjoy cleaner, safer, better-tasting water at your home? Turn to the qualified team at Black Forest Plumbing for installation and repair of water purifying systems in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us for more information about our water purification services.

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