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Sometimes a simple update can give your whole house more appeal. Consider stylish new Moen® or Delta® faucets in your kitchen or bath! Black Forest Plumbing can both supply and install them.

Or perhaps you just need a faucet repaired at your restaurant or pub. Whatever the case, call Black Forest Plumbing for faucet service throughout the GTA.

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Specialized Faucet Repairs & Services in Richmond Hill

Faucets are an integral part of the plumbing system. Leaky and broken faucets, if not repaired on time, can lead to huge repairs and expenses, so don’t ignore the incessant dripping of your taps. Our specialized team of plumbers can handle faucet leaks and install new faucets efficiently and quickly. One of the leading experts in Richmond Hill, Black Forest Plumbing’s fully trained and licensed technicians also handle repair and installation of faucets at restaurants and outdoor locations. Call us for a quick quote.



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Immediate Response & Efficient Plumbing Services

Keeping your faucets in good working condition is very important. Prolonged water leakage may start causing issues in your plumbing system and ultimately damage your property. Whether it's the kitchen, bathroom, toilet or outdoor unit, your plumbing system needs to be maintained properly. From installation to regular usage, faucets are an integral part of your everyday chores and their maintenance requires timely care. Broken parts like a crack in the nozzle or a valve can result in low water pressure and increased water bills. If left unattended, a minor broken tap can further damage your house and its underground plumbing system.

Repairing Leaks & Breaks Promptly

Identifying a leaky tap might be easy when the leak is from the spout with the handle turned off. But sometimes, the leak might be from below the handle, near the base of the nozzle. In such cases, it helps to adjust the handle, tighten it or change its position so that the water doesn’t drip.

Another common culprit is the base of the faucet, where the unit meets the sink deck. You can turn off the water supply, dry all the water from the base and then look for the source of the leak. This type of leak might also require a valve cartridge replacement.

Finally, the most difficult to notice is the leak originating from under the sink. Most of the time, we hardly pay any attention to these areas, thus not being aware of the problem. Checking the water supply and the drain connections will help identify and repair this kind of leak.

New Plumbing Fittings and Installation Without Hassles

If you want to install new plumbing fittings in your home or office, then you need to first acquaint yourself with the options available. Choosing the right faucet involves a good understanding of the needs and space available to you. It should allow ease of washing and doing chores along with being an accessory attribute to your space. Breathtaking designs, features and brands may cloud your decision-making while looking for the perfect faucet. Remember, it is always better to focus on durability and reliability while looking for new faucets.

Emergency Plumbers to the Rescue

Leaks may start small, but if left to themselves, can cause huge damage to your home or office. The fixtures in a tap tend to wear down due to regular use, the water pressure, groundwater sediments, and lack of regular maintenance. Our flexible and proficient team of plumbers has a keen eye for detail and fixes the problem quickly. We also provide 24/7 emergency services to handle your sudden water outbursts at odd hours.

What to Do Before You Call a Plumber

Sometimes, the nozzle or the valve holding the faucet in place emits a whistling or screaming sound. This sound is mostly associated with a loose washer that can easily be tightened using a wrench. You might also need to change the washer and get the right sized one. Loose washers often hinder the flow of water and cause damage to the valve. Unscrewing the parts of the tap and checking for mineral deposits can also often help in fixing water flow issues. Before putting the parts together, check if its interior is completely clean. If the problem persists, it's best to seek professional help.

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