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Have your pipes frozen or burst during a winter getaway? Are the pipes in your home or building old, needing replacement with updated materials? The licensed and insured plumbers at Black Forest Plumbing are ready at any time to come to your site and offer:

Frozen pipe repair
Burst pipe repair
Water pipe service
Pipe replacement
Copper leaks repair

Call us, and we’ll be there promptly.

Pipe Repair & Replacement Specialists

Broken water pipes, faulty pipes and leaky pipes are some of the most common residential and commercial plumbing issues faced by Canadian homeowners. Timely repair of pipes or routine maintenance of the plumbing system saves you from potential water woes in the future. At Black Forest Plumbing, our expert technicians handle pipe repairs and replacement in Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas skillfully. With the use of proper tools, latest equipment and thorough inspection, our pipe repairs are long-lasting and efficient. We pride ourselves on our prompt customer service and professional handling of repairs. Book us for a service appointment.



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Fast & Cost-Effective Fixing of Pipes in Markham

We understand the severity of a sudden pipe burst during the cold season or a leak that needs fixing immediately. That is the reason why the professional crew at Black Forest Plumbing is always ready to help you out. Quick inspections and straightforward service are what makes us stand apart from the rest. Our technicians are always open to suggestions from customers and also suggest the best solution for all plumbing issues. With our cost-effective pricing, pipe replacement is done efficiently without burning a hole in your pocket.

Types of Pipe Leakage Repair

Pipe leakages can corrode your entire plumbing system within a short span of time. Water sanitation also suffers if it comes in contact with leaky pipes. As we use water for various activities such as cooking, washing and cleaning, it is essential to always get clean water supply throughout the year.

Here are some different types of pipe repair jobs that might require your attention:

Frozen Pipe Repairs
In the winter season, when water expands, it causes the pipe to rupture suddenly. The damage often occurs between the freezing point and the faucet. If your pipe is insulated to prevent freezing, then it is prone to bursts. Always remember to insulate your pipes at the onset of winter. This prevents the freezing temperature from affecting them for some time. Making a few changes in your pipe usage during winters will ensure a smooth winter for you. If things do eventually go out of hand, our skilled team of plumbers will be happy to help.
Copper Leak Repair
If you have a leaky copper pipe at home or office, then it needs to be repaired immediately to prevent further damage. Copper has a tendency to corrode and if the leak is not fixed in time, then your plumbing system can get damaged. The reason for copper being used in most commercial and residential properties is because it is strong, largely corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. Its durability and easy installation in small spaces make it a total win-win. Copper leaks are common in acidic water, causing pinholes in the pipes. High-pressure of water inside pipes can also corrode the copper pipes, causing leaks.
Burst Pipe Repairs

Sudden pipe leakage repairs and bursts are a problem if left unattended. But imagine a pipe burst in the middle of the night. Burst pipes spew water everywhere and controlling and fixing such issues requires expert help. From damaging the property to ruining valuables and electronics kept inside the house, a burst pipe has the ability to cause wide-scale destruction. Our 24-hours emergency service takes care of sudden pipe replacement and repair issues. We are available round the clock to fix any surprise pipe bursts with our expert team. We assess the extent of the damage done, and quickly repair and replace the faulty pipes.

Warning Signs

While regular maintenance and inspection can ensure a longer life for your pipes, it’s best to handle the situation immediately at the first sign of danger. Sudden swirling sounds or dripping sounds are one of the first signs of a potential plumbing emergency that you should not ignore. Some of the other warning signs that your plumbing system might give you are:

Bad odour
Weak water supply
Strange coloured water
Slow leakage/drainage
Escalating water bills
Bubbling wall paint or ceiling
Shaky faucets or toilets

Most of these warning signs can be handled at first sight. A leak in the bathroom pipe, kitchen pipe or a running toilet can be initially rectified by checking the water supply lines and waste line fittings. Having a beginner’s tool kit at home with a wrench and other tools will help you fix small leaks in no time.

Beginners Tips for In-house Pipe Fixing

When you come across minor plumbing issues, it’s advisable to try out some quick fixes targeting small leaks and bursts. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Always shut off the water supply before you get started
Keep a toolbox at home with all the essential tools
Keep a pipe repair clamp handy for instant repair
Check the water connection lines to identify where the leak is coming from
Always check the water pressure coming through the pipes

While these tips will help you for some time, remember for all major plumbing issues, it’s best to call in the professionals.

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