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4 Home Improvements That Are Illegal to Do Yourself

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There are a number of home renovations that are illegal to carry out if you’re not a licensed professional. Though you won’t get arrested, trying to complete these projects on your own can have serious consequences. You might be slapped with a pricey fine and certain warranties may be voided. Plus, if something goes wrong, you could incur substantial property damage or sustain a serious injury. Here are four types of home improvements you should always leave to a professional plumber.

1. Switching from an electric range to a gas stove Only a professional should swap out your electric range for a gas stove. Call in an electrician to handle the circuits and a plumber to install the gas line. Not only will these experts get the job done right, but they’ll know exactly how to keep the people on your property safe in the process. 2. Replacing your hot water tank If your hot water tank is on its last legs, don’t try to be a hero and replace it on your own. Since electricity and gas lines are involved in this home improvement project, things can get complicated and potentially dangerous. Leave this job to a licensed plumber. A professional can get the required permits and has the knowledge and experience to replace your water tank safely. 3. Repairing your HVAC system It may seem like HVAC repairs are no big deal, but trying to fix your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system can be dangerous if not done properly. In addition, conducting repairs on your own might cause the manufacturer’s warranty to be voided. 4. Adding or moving plumbing fixtures Changing a leaky faucet is a fairly straightforward task. However, when it comes to doing major plumbing work, like adding a new plumbing fixture or moving an existing one more than six feet from its original location, it’s best to call in for reinforcements. A licensed, professional plumber will make sure everything is up to code and will be able to avoid causing any plumbing disasters. Experienced plumbers in Aurora, Newmarket and the GTA If you need to have work done on your home’s plumbing, Black Forest Plumbing can help. Our team of experienced plumbers will ensure that the projects are carried out safely, professionally and, of course, legally. Contact us today to learn more or get a free quote.


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