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5 Steps to Winterize Your Plumbing

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 In order to avoid burst pipes and other costly plumbing damage, homeowners need to prepare their plumbing for the cold temperatures and severe weather that winter is likely to bring. Here are five things you should do this fall to protect your plumbing.

1. Drain and store outdoor hoses. Cold air and ice can crack the rubber of your hose, making it brittle and unusable. Drain it completely and keep it indoors for the winter. 2. Cover outdoor faucets. Protect your outdoor faucets by covering them with insulated hose bib covers. If there’s a separate shut-off valve for these spouts, turn them off and drain all extra water from the faucet before covering. You can also consider changing your faucets to frost-free models that won’t freeze. 3. Insulate pipes. Exposed pipes on the outside of your home, in a crawl space or in the garage are much more susceptible to freezing than indoor or enclosed pipes. Protect these pipes by wrapping them with insulating foam tubes or heat tape. 4. Inspect your foundation for cracks. Even the smallest crack can let in frigid air and cause havoc on your plumbing system. Inspect your foundation for cracks and fill in even small fractures with caulk or spray-foam. This will protect your plumbing and save you money on your heating bill. 5. Drain your irrigation system. If you have a sprinkler system, prepare it for the winter by draining all of the water from the pipes. Preparing your plumbing for long absences If you’re going away for the winter or preparing your cottage for the off-season, you should turn off the water supply entirely to avoid nasty plumbing-related surprises in the spring. Here’s how:

  • Turn off the main water valve and then drain the water system by running all the taps and flushing all the toilets.

  • Empty the hot water tank completely by opening the drain valve. If yours doesn’t have a floor drain, you’ll need to attach a garden hose for this step.

  • Keep all the faucets in the on position, as closed taps can create a vacuum that hold water inside the pipes.

  • Add plumbing antifreeze to any toilets or drain traps that can’t be completely emptied.

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