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Get Your Air Conditioner Inspected in the Spring to Prepare for Summer

HVAC technician inspecting an air conditioner

It’s springtime and you’re getting all your spring maintenance and cleaning tasks done.


While you’re at it, you should schedule an air conditioner inspection and maintenance call. Why should you get a professional to do it? Our blog explores the reasoning behind it. Read on for more info.


Why Should I Inspect My Air Conditioner in the Spring?

There are many reasons why you should schedule air conditioner maintenance and inspections during the spring.


Save Money on Energy Bills

It’s time for spring air conditioner maintenance!


A proper air conditioner inspection can reveal problems that make your unit less efficient. Worn out parts, lack of proper lubrication, a dirty and clogged air filter, lower coolant levels – all these things can cause your unit to use more energy to keep your house cool. More energy means higher energy bills. Save some cash – and the planet – by scheduling an air conditioner inspection this spring. BACK TO B

Improve the Air Quality

Over the course of the year, your air conditioner filters will trap a lot of debris – dust, pollen, smoke particles, etc. To ensure optimal operation of your unit, you should always change the filters as recommended by the manufacturer.


Air conditioner inspections can help improve the air quality by reminding you to change the filters and by cleaning any mould or rust that has formed over time. A knowledgeable inspector can even recommend the best filters that fit your needs.


Increase the Life of Your AC

Regular air conditioner inspection can help to increase the lifespan of your unit.


If an air conditioner is properly maintained, it can last you anywhere from 15-20 years. Spring is the perfect time to schedule an inspection of your air conditioner as there isn’t a huge demand on it yet. Before the time of year when it needs to work hard every day, an air conditioner inspection can find all the small issues that could damage your system and give you time to repair or replace them so you won’t end up having to live without it during the hottest months of the year.


What Kind of Problems Does an Inspection Reveal?

A thorough inspection of your air conditioner can reveal a wide range of issues that may be present.


An inspector will check all the necessary parts, including:

  • Thermostat

  • Circulating motor and blower blades

  • Flush condensate drains

  • Motor belts and bearings

  • Lubricate blower motor

  • Air filters

  • Power connections

  • Evaporator temp differential

  • Condenser coil, motor, and fan blade

  • Refrigerant levels

  • All electric connections

  • Contactor

  • Compressor amps

  • Lubricate condenser motor


How Else Can I Prepare My AC for Summer?

Test the System

Testing your AC before you need it will let you know whether it’s up to the task or whether you need some maintenance done.


Change the Filter

As previously mentioned, the air conditioner’s filter becomes clogged with debris over time. Changing it regularly is a necessary part of maintenance.


Hire a Professional for an Air Conditioner Inspection

A professional air conditioner inspection will help you ensure you can get the best out of your system. For professional ac repair, maintenance, and inspections, call Black Forest Plumbing today. We have offices in Toronto, Barrie and Newmarket to serve clients across the GTA.




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