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Why Is My Water Pressure so Low?


Problems with water pressure can be tough to tackle. Here’s a list of reasons why your water pressure may be low.

The main shutoff valve may be closed Every house has a main shutoff valve that controls the flow of water into the home. If you recently had plumbing work done, yours may not be in the right position. This device can be either inside or outside your home. If it’s not fully opened, it will limit the amount of water entering your pipes and your water pressure will be impacted. Adjusting it is simple. If you have a valve with a wheel-shaped handle, make sure it’s turned complexly counterclockwise. If it’s a lever handle, the pipe direction and the lever should be parallel. The pipes may be clogged If the main shutoff valve isn’t the issue, then another strong possibility for low water pressure is clogging inside the pipes. Old homes have steel pipes that can corrode from within, and DIY fans are advised not to try unclogging them on their own since doing so could contaminate their drinking water. A plumber should be called right away. The fixtures may be damaged If you have older faucets and showerheads in your house, all of the accumulated rust, dirt, and grime could impact the water pressure. Additionally, continuous dripping may mean these faucets need to be repaired. If your faucets are damaged, you’ll need to have them fixed or replaced by a plumber. The aerator might be clogged If the low water pressure in your home is confined to only one tap, the problem may be the aerator, which is a little mesh screen at the end of your faucet. This device is used for water flow management and conservation. If the aerator gets clogged, it will decrease your water pressure. Fortunately, this piece is easy to clean if it’s clogged and replace if it’s damaged. The pressure regulator may be defective Not all plumbing is equipped with a pressure regulator. However, if yours is, this plumbing problem shows itself in one of two ways: the water pressure is too high or it’s too low. Either way, the only way to fix the problem is to replace the regulator. A plumber you can count on in the GTA If you have low water pressure, we can help. The master plumbers at Black Forest Plumbing have the expertise and equipment to solve plumbing problems quickly. You can count on us to provide friendly and efficient service to your home or business in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a service call.

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