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When you’re planning the construction of a new home or other building, one of the most important aspects that you need to think about is electricity. Modern electricity demands require much more robust and specific electrical systems, which means that you need a qualified professional to install the wiring during the construction phase.

Black Forest Electrical can provide comprehensive electrical services for new constructions on homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our licensed electricians can handle all the electrical work during the construction phase of your project, allowing you to think about more important things.

Our Electrical Construction Services

Black Forest Electrical has a wide range of electrical construction services available. Here is an overview of the electrical construction services we offer:

  • Panel and service changes and upgrades – an insufficient electrical panel can lead to you experiencing constant power outages and overloaded circuits in your home. Our team can assess your electrical needs and provide you with the best panel option for you during construction.

  • Pot light installation – pot lights, which are also known as recessed lighting, can be tricky to install. As electrical construction experts, our professional team can provide seamless installation.

  • Light fixtures – you can trust our team of experts to choose the right light fixtures for each room in your home.

  • Appliances – appliances are essential to modern living. At Black Forest Electrical, our team of experts can install the best appliances for your home during construction.

  • Backup generators – backup generators give you peace of mind that your home can stay powered even during an outage.

  • EV charger installation – as electrical vehicles become more common, installing an EV charger in your home can save you time and money. We offer Level 2 EV charger installations so you can charge your vehicle from the comfort of your own home.

Planning and Design

Modern homes require complex electrical systems to avoid constant overloads on the circuits. Custom homes can have far more draws on electricity, such as heating, security systems, more appliances, electrical vehicles, and more.

These systems mean meticulous planning and design to ensure that electricity is available where you need it when you need it. Our team can work with you to develop and design the electrical system that works for you.


Installation of the electrical wiring, outlets, and fixtures is a tricky process that requires expertise. Whether it’s the proper lighting, appliances, or outlets, our electricians provide expert installation services during the construction of new buildings. We’ll ensure all connections are hooked up properly and assemble any outlets and other fixtures that are required.

Inspection and Testing

Once all the electrical construction on your custom home in the Greater Toronto Area has been completed, it’s time to test the systems to make sure everything works properly. Inspections should be performed by a trusted electrician with experience, and that’s where we come in. At Black Forest Electrical, our team of electricians is highly trained to ensure every piece of your new electrical system is working the way it should be.

Contact Black Forest Electrical Today for Home Construction Electrician Services

At Black Forest Electrical, we employ the best team of electricians in the business. We’re able to provide comprehensive electrical services for new buildings and custom homes during their construction. Contact us today to request a quote. 



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