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Free Consultation on Backwater Valve Installation in Holland Landing

Black Forest Plumbing Inc. is the name you can count on for complete backwater valve services. Call our licensed master plumbers today for your free consultation on backwater valve installation in Holland Landing. We use the recommended equipment for our maintenance work. We conduct timely checks to make sure the valve is always clear, test any size backflow and help clients pull permits. 

Whether you are embarking on a basement renovation project or just tackling the necessary maintenance tasks, make sure getting your old backwater valve inspected or a new one installed is up on your checklist.

Get Your Backwater Valve Inspected Today

A backwater valve is a check valve that goes into your main sewer line after the last connection. It can have both mechanical and motorized types of protective flaps. The valve is installed in the basement of your property and designed to let everyday sewage pass through toward treatment plants. In case the city sewers begin to back up (this is usually caused by heavy rain and debris flow, besides overgrown tree roots), the valve closes and prevents your house from flooding with wastewater. What makes things worse is a drainage system already clogged with plastic and similar scraps. However, we can help you prevent sewer backup and basement flooding through our modern backflow testing method and precision installation of backwater valves. 


Limited time offer: backwater valve installation for as little as $325.00+HST after rebate!

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