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Backflow prevention services in the GTA

Backflow refers to the backward flow of wastewater and sewage through your plumbing system. This type of plumbing problem can damage your home, contaminate the public water supply and pose a serious health risk. That’s why Black Forest Plumbing offers reliable backflow prevention services in Aurora, Keswick, Richmond Hill and elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact ustoday to request a free consultation or schedule an annual maintenance call.

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What Causes Backflow?

There are two types of backflow that can occur when there’s a connection between potable and non-potable water lines: back pressure and back siphonage.


Back pressure backflow happens if the pressure of a contaminated water source exceeds the pressure of the clean water supply. It can be caused by almost anything that increases water pressure, including secondary water pumps, temperature increases in boilers, pressure intensifiers and industrial machinery.


Back siphonage backflow occurs if there’s a loss of pressure in the clean water supply, which then causes the non-potable water to be sucked backward through your pipes. This is often the result of a main water line break.

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How Can Backflow Be Prevented?

Backflow can be prevented by creating an open space (referred to as an air gap) between wastewater pipes and sources of clean water such as a faucet or dishwasher.


If there isn’t enough room to accommodate an air gap, a specialized valve can be installed in vulnerable locations within your plumbing system to halt the backward flow of contaminated water. Since these devices have moving parts, backflow prevention valves should be inspected by a plumber on a regular basis to ensure they’re in good condition.

How Can Our Plumbers Help?

Since backflow poses a threat to the public water supply, most municipalities require that residential and commercial buildings be equipped with backflow prevention devices. Annual inspections and maintenance are also mandated in various communities including Barrie, Richmond Hill and Toronto.


At Black Forest Plumbing, our technicians are trained to install, test and service backflow prevention devices of all sizes for residential and commercial buildings. With more than a decade of experience working in the Greater Toronto Area, you can count on our plumbers to follow local sanitation regulations to the letter. We’ll even take care of pulling the necessary permits.

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Black Forest Plumbing is a trusted source for the installation and testing of backflow prevention devices in Aurora, Keswick, Richmond Hill and elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area. We also provide a variety of other plumbing services, including 24/7 emergency repairs to protect your home from water damage caused by flooding. For more information about local backflow prevention bylaws or to request a free consultation, contact us today.

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