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4 Tips for Caring for Your Clothes Dryer

Black Forest Plumbing Clothes Dryer Care

There could be a few more frustrating situations than putting a load of wet clothes into the dryer only to have it not turn or fail to dry as it should. Unless it’s warm enough outside and you have a clothesline, you’ll either end up hanging your wet laundry all over your home or be forced to haul your wet clothes to a laundromat. Rather than risk ending up in such a situation, learning how to care for your dryer will help ensure it won’t let you down. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Clean the lint trap Before every load, remove your lint trap and remove as much debris as you can. Lint accumulation is the leading cause of dryer-related fires. Moreover, even a small amount of lint can diminish your machine’s drying ability. Cleaning the lint trap every time you use your dryer will keep it working at optimum efficiency for years to come.

  2. Don’t dry soiled items Although you may be tempted to throw a dirty, wet item like a used beach towel in the dryer, don’t do it. Dirt and grime from soiled items can clog or damage the dryer’s vents. Consequently, only put clothes that have just gone through the washer in your dryer.

  3. Regularly empty the exhaust vent Along with cleaning the lint trap inside your dryer, you must also empty the exhaust vent that sends the air outside. Over time, this can become clogged, reducing the dryer’s efficiency and forcing it to work harder than it should. Thankfully, you only need to do this twice a year. Therefore, make it a habit while you’re doing your spring and fall cleanups.

  4. Don’t overload the dryer Overloading your dryer is another bad habit you want to avoid. If you find yourself struggling to stuff all your wet clothes inside, you’ve already exceeded what it can safely handle. Do two smaller, more manageable loads rather than doing one overloaded cycle. Your dryer will thank you.

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