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6 Ways to Make Your Plumbing More Eco-Friendly

pipe leakage


Are you wondering if you’re doing everything you can to help the planet and conserve natural resources? If so, you may want to consider your home’s plumbing. To reduce the amount of water and energy you use and save money, do the following six things.

1. Repair leaks Leaky pipes, toilets and faucets can send dozens, if not hundreds of litres of water down the drain every day. Visually inspect your home’s plumbing for any leaks and call a professional plumber to do the repairs if you lack the tools, time or know-how. 2. Buy a new water heater If your water heater is more than 10 years old or isn’t working right, consider a new energy-efficient water heater. Tankless water heaters can save you as much as $80 per year. They deliver hot water immediately to your taps and will also save you space because you don’t need a bulky reservoir tank. Talk to a professional plumbing service about installing a new water heater. 3. Install a dual-flush toilet Toilets manufactured today use roughly 40% less water than they used to. Installing a new low-flow toilet can save you hundreds of litres of water a year and reduce your water bills. Dual-flush models allow you to select the amount of water you use for every flush. 4. Use low-flow showerheads and faucets Low-flow showerheads and faucets reduce the amount of water that goes through them without reducing the pressure. For example, a 10-minute shower under a typical showerhead uses almost 100 litres of water. A low-flow head will reduce that amount by up to 25%. 5. Insulate your water pipes Waiting for hot water to travel through your home’s plumbing to your taps results in wasted water down the drain. To get warm water faster, wrap your indoor copper and plastic pipes in foam insulation. 6. Maximize irrigation efficiency Lawn and garden irrigation is responsible for up to a third of total residential water use in the summer months. Invest in a timed irrigation system and avoid watering in the heat of the day when a lot of water just evaporates. Alternatively, installing an underground drip system will conserve even more water. Plumbing professionals in The GTA If you’re building or renovating a home, or just need to upgrade your appliances or fixtures, the professionals at Black Forest Plumbing can help. We install water heaters and toilets and can also repair leaky pipes and faucets. Contact us today to schedule a service call or learn more.


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