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What to Do if You Receive a Backflow Inspection Letter

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Do you do business in the York Region? Did you recently receive a city backflow inspection letter? Don’t ignore it! Maintaining your industrial, commercial or multi-residential property’s backflow system ensures the safety and quality of your water supply. Here’s what to do if you’ve received a notice.

1. Hire a qualified plumber

The first thing you must do after receiving a backflow inspection letter is to hire a qualified and licensed plumber. Make sure the professional you choose can provide proof of their current certifications, insurance and calibrated testing equipment. At Black Forest Plumbing, our licensed technicians have the knowledge and expertise to properly inspect and address all backflow and cross-connection issues.

2. Inspect and test the backflow preventer and cross-connections

Once you hire a plumber, they’ll arrange to visit your property and conduct a thorough inspection of your plumbing system, including valves, seals, springs and other components. This ensures the backflow preventer is working as intended and that there aren’t any cross connections between the potable water system and potential sources of contamination.

3. Submit a backflow inspection report

Following the inspection, your plumber will provide a detailed backflow inspection report, which must be sent to your city or municipality for review. This report will outline the findings of the inspection, including issues or deficiencies. The report may also include a recommendation to repair, replace or install a backflow preventer.

4. Repair or replace the backflow preventer

If the inspection report reveals any problems with your existing backflow preventer, the plumber will advise you on the necessary repairs or replacements. Common backflow preventer repairs include replacing faulty valves or seals, repairing leaks or drips, addressing damaged or corroded components and adjusting pressure settings.

5. Install a backflow preventer

In some cases, the inspection may reveal that your property doesn’t have a backflow preventer installed. In many Ontario cities, it’s mandatory for all commercial, industrial and multi-residential property owners to have a backflow prevention device on the facility’s water supply lines. A plumber can guide you through the process of installing a backflow preventer and ensure the installation meets Ontario Plumbing Code and municipality requirements.

Investing in backflow preventer maintenance ensures you protect the health and well-being of your employees, customers and the wider community while maintaining compliance with water safety standards.

Professional Backflow Inspection Services in Ontario

If you recently received a backflow inspection letter, reach out to the Black Forest Plumbing team. Our licensed and insured technicians offer certified backflow inspections, installations and repairs. We’ll ensure your home or business remain safe and code compliant. We provide a wide range of plumbing services for customers in Newmarket, Barrie, Aurora and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today to book an appointment or learn more about our services.


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