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Benefits of Installing a Dedicated Level 2 EV Charger at Home

level 2 EV charger

In just over a decade, all new vehicles sold in Canada will be electric. With this change galloping towards us and the price of gas and carbon taxes regularly rising, more and more people in the GTA and York Region are switching to electrical vehicles (EV). If you are one of them or are considering the change you may have questions about electrical vehicle charging and EV charger installation. Along with switching to an electric vehicle, installing a dedicated charger can bring a number of benefits.


Home Electric Vehicle Chargers

There are two ways to charge your electric vehicle at home.

Level 1 charger, also known as 3-pin plug:

  • often comes with your EV

  • uses a standard 120V outlet

Level 2 charger, also known as a 7kW charger:


Both levels of electric vehicle charger will charge your EV; however, there are significant differences between the two that are laid out in the following table.


Level 1 charger

Level 2 charger

Average range/hour of charge

8 KM

35 KM

Average charging time

25-46 hours

9-15 hours

Location of plug

Outside or inside; may need to run a cord through a window, door, or doggie door

Wherever you choose, usually inside or outside the garage

Ease of Use

Cable often needs to run several meters from the car to the outlet

Tethered chargers allow easy storage and shorten the cable distance


Not designed to carry heavy loads for extended periods; overheating is common 

Designed for heavy and lengthy charging


EV charger installation is not required, so there are no electrical upgrade fees

EV charger installation is required; additional electrical upgrades may be needed

Energy Use

Uses less energy over a long period

Uses more energy in a short period 


Advantages of a Level 2 Home Electric Vehicle Charger

The table above makes clear several advantages of a Level 2 electric vehicle charger.

  • It allows for safe and fast charging.

  • It is easy and convenient to use and store.

  • There is no loss of energy due to passing the charging cable through windows or door.


Benefits of EV Charger Installation

Once you see the advantages that Level 2 electric vehicle chargers have over Level 1 charging, you will surely want to have a dedicated EV charger installed at home. While a Level 2 EV charger requires an initial investment, it can save you money as well.

  • Since a Level 2 electric vehicle charger requires less time than a Level 1 charger, you can more readily charge your EV out of peak hours.

  • Since your Level 2 charger will be able to fully charge your EV, you won’t need to use expensive charge points to top up.

  • Even after the EV charger installation fees, you will still be paying more than 4 times less for electricity than for gas.


EV Charger Installation in the GTA

If you’re ready for your own EV charger, contact Black Forest Electrical for a quote. Our licensed electricians can install a Level 2 home EV charger for as low as $899+HST. We serve homes in Newmarket, Bradford, East Gwillimbury and throughout the GTA with residential electrical services.




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