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Boiler Retrofit vs. Replacement



If your boiler isn’t producing as much heat as it should, then you may want to consider replacing it. However, retrofitting your current boiler could be a better option. Determining if your boiler needs to be replaced or retrofitted depends on several factors.

Boiler retrofit A boiler retrofit involves replacing parts or upgrading equipment to improve your current boiler’s efficiency or safety. If your boiler has been well-maintained and is in relatively good condition, then a retrofit may allow you to forego the cost of a new system. If you choose to retrofit your boiler, you may want to include the following features: • A programmable thermostat with zoning controls. This type of smart thermostat allows you to automatically control temperature changes in every room of your home so you don’t waste energy heating empty rooms. • Modulating aquastats. Installing a modulating aquastat can improve your boiler’s efficiency by up to 10 percent. The device senses the outdoor temperature and adjusts the water temperature inside the boiler. For example, boiler water doesn’t have to be the maximum temperature when it’s warm outside. • A time-delay relay. A time-delay relay is a relatively inexpensive retrofit that can save you up to 10 percent in energy costs. The relay circulates the residual water in your boiler system before activating the burners, extracting the most heat from the water. Boiler replacement If your furnace is old or was poorly maintained the better choice may be to replace it. Older boilers are around 50 to 70 percent energy-efficient, while today’s boilers are up to 97 percent energy-efficient. Before purchasing a new boiler, ensure it’s the correct size. Boilers that are too big or too small for your home will be inefficient. A professional plumbing and heating technician can help you determine the optimal size. Also, look for the Energy Star symbol when buying a new boiler. Only environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and high-performing models earn the label. They cost a bit more, but you’ll save money on your heating bills in the long run. Boiler installation and repair in the GTA Black Forest Plumbing can help you replace or retrofit your home’s boiler. Since 2009 ,we’ve assisted residential and commercial clients throughout the GTA with their plumbing and heating needs. We’re also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for plumbing emergencies. To learn more or schedule a service call, contact us today.


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