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Why Custom HVAC Design & Installation Matters in New Home Builds

technician installing HVAC ducts in new home build

Building a custom new home requires making a multitude of decisions from location to builder, layout to finishings. Each decision you make affects the construction cost and your satisfaction and comfort in your new home. This is why there is an order in which things are decided and built: a blueprint is designed BEFORE the basement is dug; drywall is painted AFTER it is installed.


Similarly, plumbing, electrical, and ducted HVAC systems are installed AFTER framing but BEFORE insulation. Of course, before they can be installed, the type and location of each system must be determined. To do this, it is important to consult with a professional and expert in each system as early in the building process as possible to ensure that your new home’s construction will be conducive to your needs and preferences. Here’s why: Everything about your home, from its size and floorplan to its materials and landscaping, affects its heating and cooling abilities and efficiency.


Size and Floorplan

If you are hoping your new home’s HVAC system is more efficient than your current home, you need to consider not only the make and model of your furnace heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems but also the type that is required for the size of your future home and the floor plan. To avoid financial surprises later, work with a custom HVAC specialist before designing begins, so that windows, walls, and partitions can be placed in such a way as to facilitate airflow and accommodate ducts, registers, air intakes, and the like.



Whatever the floorplan you choose, you will likely want to use the most energy-efficient building materials to keep future heating and cooling costs to a minimum. However, the higher cost of such materials can sometimes lead home builders to use more budget-friendly but less-efficient materials. Unfortunately, this causes your new home construction HVAC system to work harder and your energy bills to go up.



The location of windows in your home will determine your landscaping, not only because you want to create a beautiful setting to look out on, but also because your new home construction HVAC system may benefit from the use of trees and shrubs for shade that will help keep your home cool in the summer, or, conversely, the lack of shade for a room you want to heat with the sun during the cooler months.

Custom HVAC Design & Installation in the GTA

By working with a professional HVAC company from the outset of your new home construction process, you can build a home that you will love and be able to afford to build AND heat and cool. Custom HVAC designers work with your building team to create a layout that:

  • facilitates airflow and energy efficiency

  • uses the latest technology and equipment for home heating and cooling

  • meets your comfort needs

  • installs custom ductwork if and when necessary

  • plans for a healthy indoor air quality


People throughout the Greater Toronto Area trust the experts at Black Forest Plumbing for custom HVAC design and installation. Our licensed, insured, and professional team of HVAC technicians, plumbers and electricians work together to install your new home construction HVAC system according to code and in complete fulfillment of your utility needs, including water heaters, hot water tanks, and boilers. Contact us today for help with the heating and cooling systems for your new home construction in Toronto, Barrie, Newmarket and throughout the GTA.



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