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Custom Plumbing Considerations for Your New Home: How Black Forest Plumbing Can Help

plumber installing bathroom sink and pipes in new home build

From the location and orientation of your new house to the finishing touches like paint colour and doorknobs, there is no end to all the many things you must take into consideration when you are building a custom home in the GTA or York Region. However, when it comes to new home construction plumbing considerations, the professional plumbers at Black Forest Plumbing can help.

New Home Construction Plumbing

You may already know that you want a steam shower in your new ensuite bathroom and a half bath next to the kitchen, but do you know the size, make, and colour you want? Do you know how best to organize the fixtures? Have you considered the practicalities and electrical requirements that steam showers, dishwashers, and washing machines create? Plumbers know, and by working with a licensed plumber from the planning stage of your custom home project through to design and installation, you will receive knowledgeable guidance about:

  • your custom plumbing needs, i.e. washrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms

    • location of all plumbing pipes, drains, sewer lines, septic tanks, appliances, and fixtures.

  • future plumbing plans or needs i.e. adding a downstairs bathroom

  • your outdoor requirements upon moving in and once landscaping is added

  • location of the main shut-off valve

  • types of pipes and fixtures

  • passing the plumbing inspection

    • Building permits are required in the GTA and most regions, including the York region.

    • In addition to ensuring that your custom home meets municipal standards, a permit also means that a professional will inspect your rough-in plumbing before walls and ceilings go up.

    • If the plumbing fails inspection, your construction will be stalled, the work will need to be redone, and your building costs will skyrocket due to the need for new materials and extra labour.


The Benefits of Working with a Plumber for Custom Plumbing Projects

Professional plumbers know exactly where and how to cut framing timbers and how to find solutions to unique installation problems without risking the integrity of your framing or a failed inspection. Of course, if a plumber is involved from the beginning, most plumbing challenges can be avoided in the planning and design phases. With a plumber’s expertise and their custom plumbing solutions, the personalized, one-of-a-kind nature of your home can be safely and cost-effectively planned, designed, and installed.

Professional plumbers bring their knowledge and expertise to any project, especially custom plumbing and new home construction plumbing projects. As such we can help you consider all your short and long-term plumbing needs and wants, and we can recommend effective plumbing layouts, fixtures, and more.

When you choose a plumber who works at a full mechanical company like Black Forest, they will work in conjunction with electricians and HVAC technicians to ensure harmonious completion of your plumbing and water needs. This results in the centralization of appliances and correctly and completely installed appliances that require two expert trades, i.e. water heaters, sump pumps, furnaces, etc.


New Build Construction Plumbing in the GTA

Black Forest Plumbing is a full mechanical company that can help you with your many new home construction plumbing needs from custom plumbing to electrical and HVAC design and installation. Call us today to discuss your home-building project in Toronto, Barrie, Newmarket and throughout the GTA.  



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