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Everything You Need to Know About Backwater Valves

Backwater Valve


Installing a backwater valve along your sewer line can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your home is out of harm’s way. Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about these flood-prevention devices.

Understanding backwater valves Installed along your home’s sewer line, a backwater valve, also referred to as a backflow valve or sewer backup valve, is a one-way valve with a flap. Under normal conditions, the flap remains open and allows water and sewage to flow away from your home into the main sewer system. However, during a heavy rainfall or flood situation, your municipality’s sewer lines may become overwhelmed causing water or sewage to be forced back up the drainpipe. If this happens, the flap will automatically close to prevent wastewater from making its way back into your home through your floor drain, toilets, shower, bathtub and sinks. Types of backwater valves There are various types of backwater valves available, including those with mechanical and motorized flaps. However, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, plug-type valves aren’t recommended. While they prevent water from entering your home, they can allow sewer backup pressure to build up under your foundation, potentially causing structural damage to your home. Backwater valve requirements Certain Ontario municipalities require backwater valves to be installed in all new homes, whereas some only recommend it. However, if your home has a basement, or if the ground floor is less than a foot above street level, you’re at an increased risk of water and sewage backups. Therefore, you may want to consider retrofitting your existing plumbing system with a backwater valve to safeguard your home. In addition, some municipalities provide financial assistance for homeowners who want to retrofit their property with a backwater valve. Plus, many insurance companies offer home insurance discounts for homes with backwater valves. Professional installation and maintenance The licensed plumbers at Black Forest Plumbing provide complete backwater valve services. Our team will thoroughly inspect your home’s drainage system, get the proper building permits and ensure you get the right backwater valve for your needs. We also conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure your valve remains under warranty and in good working order. Backwater valve installation in Southern Ontario Whether you need your existing backwater valve maintained or want to upgrade your home’s drainage system, the licensed plumbers at Black Forest Plumbing can help. We provide comprehensive plumbing services, including sewer line cleaning and toilet installation for customers in Holland Landing and nearby communities like Aurora, Newmarket and Markham. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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