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Five Fast Fixes for Common Plumbing Problems

Everyday use causes wear in your faucets, drains and pipes that can lead to plumbing problems. While it’s tempting to call for help whenever you encounter frustrating leaks or clogs, these minor issues are often fixable, without the help of a professional.

To learn easy repairs for common plumbing issues, keep reading below. We also provide advice on when to step back and contact Black Forest Plumbing, your trusted plumber serving Richmond Hill, Markham and the Greater Toronto Area. 1. Low water pressure Over time, calcium builds up on your faucet’s aerator, which can affect the water pressure. Luckily, this isn’t a difficult problem to fix. Carefully remove the aerator and use a gentle descaling solution to remove the debris. If after taking these steps the water pressure is still poor, you’ll need to call your plumber. 2. Clogged drains When your sink or bathtub starts draining slowly, the culprit is often a clogged drainpipe. To remove the clog yourself, try using a pair of needle nose pliers, a drain snake or an auger. These tools are often successful at dislodging debris and unlike chemical drain cleaners, they aren’t harmful to your health or the environment. 3. Leaky pipes Any local plumber will tell you that Ontario’s winters are tough on pipes, and if you live in an older home, you may be dealing with mature pipes that are more prone to damage. When faced with a minor leak, you can try to fix it yourself with a pipe repair clamp, a rubber patch and electrical tape. However, a plumbing expert must repair any major pipe leaks. Otherwise, you risk facing a big watery mess. 4. Running toilets Fixing a running toilet is sometimes as easy as jiggling its handle. However, when that DIY trick stops working, it’s time to figure out if your toilet’s flapper, fill valve or flush valve is causing the issue. These replacement parts are available at any local hardware store, and there are plenty of how-to guides on YouTube. If you’re unsuccessful at identifying and resolving the issue, Black Forest Plumbing is happy to assist you. 5. Dripping faucet Typically, a dripping faucet points to a worn out washer. If your washer has dried out or become damaged, water will begin to leak through it, even when the faucet is turned off. Ambitious homeowners can change the washer by themselves or call in a professional plumber to help. Need a Plumber in Richmond Hill or the GTA? For plumbing issues you can’t solve yourself, contact the experts at Black Forest Plumbing. Offering emergency services, we’ll quickly send a certified plumber to your home, whether you live in Markham, Richmond Hill or elsewhere in the GTA. Book A Service Appointment


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