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Guide to Backflow Prevention Regulations in Toronto

backflow preventer in Toronto

As a property owner or business operator in Toronto, you must comply with the backflow prevention regulations the city has in place to maintain clean and safe water supplies. To ensure you follow the rules, here’s everything you need to know about backflow prevention in Toronto.

What Is Backflow Prevention?

Backflow prevention is the practice of safeguarding the municipal water supply from contamination by preventing the reverse flow of undesirable substances, such as chemicals or pollutants, into the clean water distribution system. Ensuring the quality of drinking water is critical for protecting public health.

Who Needs Backflow Prevention in Toronto?

In Toronto, backflow prevention is mandatory for certain businesses and properties. Generally, any property with a potential cross-connection to the city's water supply must have a backflow preventer installed. This includes commercial businesses, new business owners and owners of multi-unit residential properties.

Who’s Qualified to Service a Backflow Preventer in Toronto?

A backflow preventer is an intricate device requiring expertise for installation and maintenance. In Toronto, only licensed plumbers with specialized backflow prevention training are qualified to service these devices. It's crucial to hire a licensed professional to ensure your backflow preventer operates correctly.

The Backflow Preventer Installation Process

The installation process involves several steps:

  • Hiring a plumber. Begin by hiring a plumber licensed by the City of Toronto to perform backflow preventer installation. Black Forest Plumbing’s certified Cross Connection Control Specialists will assess your property, determine the appropriate type of backflow preventer and create a plan.

  • Getting a permit. Before installation, you'll need to obtain a City of Toronto building permit. We can assist with this process, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

  • Selecting a backflow device. Our specialists will select and install the appropriate backflow preventer based on the degree of risk associated with your property. Different devices cater to various levels of protection.

Backflow Preventer Testing Process

Backflow preventers can fail without any visible signs, so you must have your preventer tested at least once a year.

  • Qualified tester. Only licensed and accredited individuals are authorized to perform backflow preventer testing in Toronto. Ensure your tester has the required certifications.

  • Frequency of testing. Toronto bylaws dictate that backflow preventers must be tested at the time of installation, at least once a year or within 72 hours after a device has been cleaned, repaired, replaced, serviced or overhauled.

  • Reporting. The testing report must be submitted to the city for review. Our Cross Conenction Control Specialists can submit the report and make any necessary repairs or adjustments promptly to maintain compliance.

Backflow Preventer Device Installation and Testing in Toronto

Black Forest Plumbing is your source for plumbing, heating, and electrical services in the Greater Toronto Area. We’re certified Cross-Connection Control Specialists for backflow prevention device installation and testing. Contact us today to get a free consultation or to schedule an annual test.


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