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High-efficiency Condensing Boilers Vs Conventional Boilers

Black Forest Plumbing Conventional Condensing Boilers

Are you considering transitioning from a conventional boiler to a condensing boiler system? There are pros and cons to each. Here’s a guide to help you decide which boiler system is the best fit for your home and budget.

What’s the difference? The primary difference between a conventional boiler and a condensing boiler is energy efficiency. Both boiler types drive your central heating system by burning gas in a combustion chamber to chemically convert it into heat. A heat exchanger moves the heat into your pipes to warm the water. The heating process produces chemical by-products containing residual heat. Conventional boilers dispose of these by-products as fumes vented through a flue. Alternatively, condensing boilers process those fumes. They convert their own by-products into usable heat to warm your home. Conventional boilers Conventional boilers release residual heat by venting it out of the building. They’re more affordable to own because they cost less and require fewer parts than condensing boilers. Because their functionality is more straightforward, they require less maintenance. Condensing boilers Condensing boilers have added functionality to recover residual heat from the flue fumes. They have increased heat delivery capacity, either through an expanded heat exchanger surface or a second heat exchanger. This enhanced capacity enables vapours to cool to a dew point temperature where it becomes an acidic liquid. This condensate is less acidic than lemon juice, but it can corrode the components of your heating system. The condensing boiler’s parts are high-grade stainless steel that resists corrosion. The cost trade-off Although a condensing heater costs more to install and maintain, it may pay off in the long run through reduced energy costs. In homes with radiant floor heating systems or cast-iron radiators that use high water volumes, a condensing boiler might be your preference. If you’re shifting from an older conventional boiler that’s past its peak performance to a brand-new condensing boiler, the difference in energy costs will be dramatic. Environmental impact If you want to make your home eco-friendly, a condensing boiler will help by reducing your home’s emissions. The condensing boiler has fewer harmful impacts on the environment by recapturing heat that a conventional boiler would release into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Boiler installation and repairs in the GTA To install and maintain your heating system, trust the plumbers at Black Forest Plumbing to get it right. Contact us today to learn more about which boiler system will work best for your home or commercial property.


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