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How to Choose Between a Shower and Bathtub

Bathtub vs Walk In Shower

If you’re remodelling your bathroom, have a limited budget, and don’t have much room to work with, you’ll likely have to decide between installing a shower or bathtub. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and knowing the pros and cons can help you better decide on the best one for you. Here are five things to consider.

  • Cost If your budget is your primary concern, you may want to choose a bathtub over a shower. Tubs are typically less expensive than showers. A standard bathtub installed typically costs around $500, while whirlpool tubs can cost $10,000. A basic shower installed usually costs approximately $575, with custom walk-in showers priced out at more than $12,500.

  • Space Showers take up less space than bathtubs. Therefore, a walk-in shower may be the best choice if you have a tiny bathroom. Standard-sized showers use less than one square metre of space, while tubs take up about 1.2 square metres. Choosing a shower instead of a tub can free up space for more storage or a double vanity.

  • Installation Installing a bathtub or custom walk-in shower is a complicated process that’s best left to a professional residential plumbing service. However, DIY shower stall kits contain prefabricated pieces that you can install without professional help.

  • Water use Showers use less water than tubs. A shower with a low-flow head uses approximately 9.5 litres of water a minute, which is roughly 76 litres of water for an average eight-minute shower. This is considerably less than an average bathtub which takes between 115 to 180 litres to fill. Whirlpool tubs can use a whopping 450 litres to fill.

  • Accessibility Bathtubs are challenging to get in and out of for seniors or people with mobility issues. However, there are expensive tub models with built-in doors for better accessibility. A walk-in shower without a door is a much more accessible option. However, many families with young children or expecting couples prefer bathtubs because they make it easier to bathe small children. In some cases, a shower-only bathroom could negatively affect your home’s resale value. Residential plumbing services in the GTA

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