How to Prevent Your Pipes and Drains from Freezing

Emergency plumbers in Newmarket receive numerous emergency calls every winter from homeowners whose pipes and drains have burst due to freezing. Burst pipes and drains can be messy and expensive to fix, so it is always better to takes steps to prevent freezing rather than having to take care of the damage once it's already been done.
Trust the experienced Aurora residential and commercial plumbers at Black Forest Plumbing; you can help prevent your pipes and drains from freezing if you:


Remove and Drain Hoses and Water Supply Lines
A frozen hose can easily cause an interior pipe to burst, so it is important that you drain and remove all outdoor hoses before winter sets in. Make sure you drain all of your outdoor hose bibs as well, and close the inside valves which supply water to them. You also need to drain water from the supply lines for your sprinkler system and swimming pool.

Insulate Pipes in Unheated Areas
Emergency plumbers in Aurora and Newmarket will quickly tell you that the pipes most at risk of freezing are uninsulated pipes located in unheated areas of your home. Check the plumbing around your home's exterior, crawl space, garage (if unheated), and attic, and take the time to add insulation to any exposed pipes. Pipes in exterior walls may need insulation as well.

Open Cabinet Doors During Intense Cold Weather
During periods of intensely cold weather it can be a good idea to open all of your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors, especially if the pipes supplying your kitchen and bathroom fixtures run through exterior walls. Opening your cabinet doors will help expose the plumbing to the warm air circulating through your house.

Drain the System if You're Heading Out of Town
Whenever you are heading out of town for an extended period of time it is recommended that you shut off the main water supply to prevent expensive leaks and flooding. During the winter you should also take the additional step of draining your plumbing system by opening all of your faucets and flushing all of the toilets. Water can't freeze and burst your pipes if there isn't any of it left.

Don't Go Into Winter with Old, Outdated Pipes
Finally, the best advice that any Aurora plumber can give you is not to go into winter with old, worn, and outdated pipes. If your home and its plumbing system are getting on in years, then having your pipes replaced with updated and more trustworthy materials will be well worth it in the long run.

A trusted plumbing company in the Aurora area, Black Forest Plumbing provides pipe replacement services and emergency plumbing services in Newmarket and Aurora. We can make sure your pipes are ready for winter, and you can trust us to provide timely and efficient frozen pipe repair.

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