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Radiant In-floor Vs Forced-air Heating

BlackForest Plumbing Radiant In Floor Vs Forced Air Heating

An increasing number of Canadians are discovering the value of radiant in-floor heating. In fact, compared to traditional forced-air heating, radiant in-floor heating offers significant efficiency and heating quality advantages. Moreover, it’s become increasingly easy and inexpensive to retrofit existing buildings with radiant in-floor heat. Here’s an overview of both heating methods to help you decide which one is right for you.

  • Forced-air heating systems require vents in the ceiling or floor. Because heat rises, hot air stays near the ceiling, leaving the lower part of the room noticeably cooler. This is called heat stratification and leads to the frustratingly common situation of having a too-warm head and upper body or cold feet. This often causes people to constantly fiddle with their thermostat to try and find the right temperature. However, doing this can significantly decrease heating efficiency. Moreover, the ducts that carry heated air from the furnace to the various vents tend to leak. Although ideally air-tight, these vents continuously expand and contract with temperature changes, which can cause leaks, especially in the joints. Furthermore, since air ducts often pass through cold basements and attics, the lower ambient temperature lowers the air temperature going through them, thereby decreasing heating efficiency. Furthermore, perhaps the most frustrating aspect of forced-air heating is the necessity to have a single temperature for your entire property. This forces you to heat rooms or areas that aren’t being used. Over time, this can drive up your utility bills.

  • Radiant in-floor heating solves all these problems. The heating elements are contained inside the floor. Therefore, there’s little to no unwanted leakage. Moreover, because the heat passes through solid materials rather than coming from forced air, it’s far more balanced, thereby avoiding heat stratification. It also allows you to have different temperatures throughout your property. Furthermore, the pumps or elements used in radiant in-floor heating use substantially less power than the fan blower in a forced-air heating system and are much quieter.

If you’re ready to switch over to radiant in-floor heating, the team at Black Forest Plumbing can help. Heating specialists in the GTA Black Forest Plumbing has been providing commercial and residential customers with comprehensive heating services since 2009. Whether you need your boiler repaired, ductwork maintained or hot water tank replaced, our expert technicians will give you the honest, professional service you deserve. For a free estimate, contact us today.


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