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Reasons Why Your Main Drain Is Blocked

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One of the main signs that you should call a plumber is if your drains develop a clog. Maybe your sink takes longer than usual to empty out, or your toilets are backing up on you. Whatever the case, a clogged drain could easily become worse and become a hazmat issue.

A main drain clog is one of the more serious problems you can encounter, as this is the part that all your house's plumbing runs through. If this gets blocked, then you may find sewage backing up all throughout your house.

Here are some of the many reasons why you may have a main drain blockage and how you can clear it.

  • Excess of Hair Hair clogs are a common problem amongst people with longer hair. Your body naturally sheds this hair when you shower, and it can accumulate over time. The best way to avoid a main drain blockage due to hair is to use a drain catcher or strainer to collect it before it washes down.

  • Food and Grease Food and grease may also collect in your drain line and cause clogs. Clogged drain solutions like Drano can help break them down, but it helps to avoid letting these objects from going into your pipes in the first place. You should also do regular drain inspections for foreign objects in drains, like silverware or bones.

  • Flushable Wipes Flushable wipes are another problem area, even though they claim to be safe to use in the restroom. As it turns out, not all flushable wipes are really flushable. Many are designed to be tougher than toilet paper and contain plastic, which doesn't dissolve. Even if they degrade in water, it doesn't happen fast enough to prevent a clog.

  • Undersized Piping System It's possible that older homes built before a renovation have smaller pipe systems than you actually need. A regular drain maintenance routine can help prevent issues. Paying for a drain video inspection can also determine if you'll encounter an issue with your current pipe system.

  • Tree Roots If you have large trees in your yard, it is possible for their roots to sneak into cracks in your pipes and cause blockages. The way to clear a main drain blockage caused by roots is to call a professional to remove the roots and repair or replace the pipes. You can then use root killers to keep future roots from growing into your drain line.

Prevent a Main Drain Clog Today

Not every main drain clog can be solved by pouring some chemical drain cleaner into your pipes. Some require a professional who can assess your home's drainage system and find the source of the problem. They should also be able to set up routine maintenance for your property.

Black Forest Plumbing offers licensed plumbing services across the Greater Toronto Area. We can clear blocked main drains, conduct drain camera inspections, sewer line cleaning, and more. Contact us for an estimate and if you need emergency plumbing services.


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