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Tips to Prevent Residential Flooding

Every plumbing company in Aurora and Newmarket receives calls about residential flooding. Whether caused by excessive rain, the spring thaw, or by plumbing issues, residential flooding is a common problem that homeowners need to take steps to protect against.

Black Forest Plumbing, a Newmarket and Aurora residential plumber, have put together four comprehensive tips that homeowners can use to help mitigate the damage from or entirely prevent residential flooding. Ensure Your Property Is Well Drained One of the most effective and therefore the most important steps to preventing residential flooding is to make sure that the soil on your properly slopes away rather than towards your home. The soil grading can be used to keep water from accumulating around your foundation, and should slope at least 15 inches over the first one and a half meters away from your walls. The slope can be more gradual after that, but should never slope back. Another important component of a well-drained property is having your downspouts direct runoff at a distance of at least 5 feet away from the foundation walls. This will further help discourage pooling water even when your property has a good slope. Keep Drains and Gutters Clear As well as making sure your downspouts are well positioned, you want to perform some regular drain and gutter maintenance to ensure that your drainage system is carrying water away as it is meant to. Regularly inspect and clean your gutters of any leaves or other debris which have accumulated inside them in order to keep water from backing up and draining off the sides. It is also a good idea to regularly check that street storm drains are clear and allowing your property to drain properly. Fix All Leaks and Cracks Roof leaks and foundation cracks can allow water to infiltrate your home from above and from below. If left unfixed, you can end up with flooding and with harmful mold growth. Whatever you invest in roof and foundation repair could very easily save you the money it would cost to restore a flooded basement. Install a Battery-Powered Sump Pump A battery-powered sump pump is also an incredibly worthwhile investment to make in order to protect your home from flooding, and a relatively inexpensive one as well. Sump pumps which are powered by electricity and have no battery backup will stop working if your home loses power, which can happen during a thunderstorm, leaving your home at risk. Emergency Plumber in Newmarket and Aurora If it's too late to take preventive steps and you already have a flood on your hands, don't waste any time in contacting a Newmarket and Aurora emergency plumber. You can count on the experts at Black Forest Plumbing to promptly respond to your call, because we know that plumbing emergencies such as residential flooding can happen without any warning. Call us today! Book A Service Appointment


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