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Video Camera Drain Inspections: What They Are and Why You Might Need One

In the average building, most plumbing is tucked out of sight. This can sometimes make it hard to know where leaks, clogs and other issues are coming from. If a plumbing problem arises, oftentimes the best way to find out what’s going on is to take a look. This is where video drain inspections can come in handy.

How do these types of drain inspections work? A video camera drain inspection involves snaking a waterproof and high definition camera that’s been attached to a flexible rod through your pipes. It offers homeowners and plumbers a first-hand view of what’s happening in the otherwise hidden parts of your plumbing system. Why might I need a drain inspection? Here are five reasons why a video camera drain inspection may be just what you need: 1. To pinpoint a leak. Finding the source of a leaking pipe used to involve digging into your yard or making holes in your walls to look at the plumbing. Understandably, this took a lot of time and increased costs considerably. Fortunately, with a drain inspection conducted using a video camera, the problem can be spotted quickly and without causing any damage. 2. To determine the condition of your pipes. Keeping track of the state of your plumbing helps you avoid potentially disastrous problems in the future. Video camera drain inspections can help you identify corrosion and spot potential problems before they turn into plumbing emergencies. 3. To save money. An unnoticed leak or break can cause your water bill to skyrocket and damage your home or property before you even know it’s there. Preventive video camera drain inspections can bring problems to light before they spiral out of control. 4. To provide documentation. In some cases, insurance companies require proof of damage before they cover the cost of a repair. A camera drain inspection provides irrefutable evidence that there’s a problem that requires professional attention. 5. To ensure work was done right. A video camera drain inspection may sometimes be conducted after plumbing work has been completed. It can help ensure that repairs were carried out correctly and that your pipes are free of debris and blockages. Trustworthy plumbers in the GTA If you want to identify the source of a problem or simply hope to avoid future plumbing issues, video camera drain inspection are a must. At Black Forest Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality service at a fair price. Contact us today to find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment right away. Book A Service Appointment


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