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Why Is There Water Coming Out of My Basement Drain?

basement drain

You may experience minor toilet backups or sink drain clogs in your home from time to time. However, when the drain in your basement floor backs up, it may indicate a significant issue. Your basement floor drain is the lowest point in your house, so that’s the first place you’ll notice a possible backup in your home’s main drain. Here are some common reasons why water may be coming out of your basement drain.

Poor Flushing Practices

Disposing of excessive or inappropriate items through sinks and toilets is the most common cause of drain backup. Professional drain cleaning can correct the issue, and teaching everyone in the house what they can and can’t put down the drain can prevent future problems. For example, paper towels, feminine hygiene products and disposable wipes should never be flushed. Be selective in the type of toilet paper you choose, too; 100 per cent recycled toilet paper is best.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are attracted to water sources, making your underground plumbing a prime target for their relentless growth. If your pipes have even the slightest crack or vulnerability, a root can push its way in, impede drainage and cause extensive damage.

Faulty Or Worn Pipes

Your main drain deteriorates like any other feature in your home, so if your pipes are old, they’re more likely to back up. In addition to normal wear and tear, debris and mineral deposits can build up on the pipe’s inner walls, making the drain passage increasingly narrower over time. Professional drain clearing may help but replacement may be the best option.

Shifting Ground

The ground surrounding your main drain pipe can shift and heave with changes in temperature and humidity. These shifts can cause a misshapen spot, called a belly, to develop on the pipe. Preventative hydro jetting can help prevent bellies from occurring. If you already have one or more bellies in your main drain, the pipe must be dug up and the damaged sections replaced.

Main Drain Line Separation

If your basement drain issues are caused by a broken or separated main drain, you're looking at a pipe lining or replacement job, both of which come with a high price tag. You may choose to replace only the broken section, but replacing the entire line might be the most cost-efficient option.

Professional Plumbing Services in Newmarket, Aurora, Barrie and the GTA

The experts at Black Forest Plumbing have the knowledge and experience to investigate and solve your drainage problems. We have specialized tools to eliminate the cause and repair any damage. We perform plumbing services for residential and commercial customers in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us at your first sign of a drain backup.

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