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Septic Systems and How to Keep them Flowing in Winter

Harsh temperatures of the Canadian winter can result in the freezing of various components of your septic system. Lack of snow cover, very cold air temperature and dry soil conditions during an extended period of time contribute to the problem.

Fixing the issue can be difficult for regular homeowners and that’s where the importance of an efficient plumbing company comes in. Black Forest Plumbing is a family-run business serving the Greater Toronto Area since 2009. Our professional plumbers help clients in both commercial and residential sectors. We specialize in various areas such as drain cleaning, hot water tanks and water purification. You can always count on us on matters of maintenance, repairs or new installations. In this blog post, our experts discuss how to keep your septic systems flowing in winter. Tips That Can Be Practised As a business or homeowner, there are various components that have to be taken note of in your property. Septic tank system is an important component as it collects all wastewater by holding it in for solids and liquids to separate. It functions as a cleaner and sanitizer by stopping toxic wastewater from leaking. You can follow the below-mentioned tips for maintaining your septic system during winter months:

  • Insulating the tank

It’s a good idea to insulate your septic tank before the cold weather sets in. This method will keep your tank warm and prevent the waste in your system from freezing. There are various ways in which you can insulate for proper protection. Consider a blanket or an insulating cover that can be placed over the tank. Planting lush vegetation around and over your tank also works.

  • Aerating the soil

Water won’t be able to pass through if your soil is not properly aerated. This will make your drain unable to filter wastewater into clean groundwater. During winter, the snow that gets piled-up will make the soil compact and once the ground is frozen, it will be difficult to move around the soil to aerate it.

  • Fix clogs and leaky pipes

Leaking pipes can freeze during winter which will ultimately result in bursting. Clogs can cause additional issues as water won’t be able to smoothly pass through. The repairs are significant and costly when pipes burst but it’s also easy to avoid these problems. Schedule the service of a professional drain cleaner if you are noticing a clogged pipe and ensure this happens before winter.

  • Pump your tank

It will be very difficult to pump your septic tank during winter. The hard ground combined with snow makes digging to reach the septic tank difficult. Avoid this by getting your septic tank pumped when you know it’s getting full. An early pumping before the ground freezes reduces the need for maintenance.

  • Call a professional plumber

If your septic system freezes during the winter, schedule a professional plumber for identifying the point of freezing and correcting the issue. If you are not able to immediately fix the issue, your septic tank can be used as a holding tank, but remember this is a short term and costly solution. Let Black Forest Plumbing Help We are a plumbing company that has been providing quality plumbing solutions for many years. Our staff is professional and courteous at all times, striving to provide excellent service. We are trained and certified to deal with any kind of plumbing issue. For information on fixing common plumbing problems, read our blog post - Five Fast Fixes for Common Plumbing Problems Call us to learn more about our services. Book A Service Appointment


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