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4 Problems for an Emergency Plumber

If your basement is filling up with water, your first reflex will likely be to call your plumber. However, with certain other plumbing problems, homeowners are less sure about whether they have to take immediate action.

It’s important to know when you need an emergency plumber in Richmond Hill so that your issue doesn’t turn from bad to worse. Here are four types of problems that call for an emergency plumber. 1. Burst pipes A burst pipe can quickly turn into an all-out flood. Even when there isn’t a risk of flooding, this is an issue that needs to be dealt with right away, as it can easily result in damage to your home’s surfaces and structures. 2. Frozen pipes When pipes freeze and prevent water from flowing freely, homeowner’s sometimes make the mistake of thinking they can resolve the issue by running hot water. However, this can cause pipes to burst and thawing out the pipes yourself can be just as hazardous. When pipes freeze, they’re likely to expand and crack. Once they’re thawed out, there’s therefore a risk of flooding. 3. Broken hot water heaters A broken hot water heater isn’t a disaster; however, it can seriously disrupt your life. When there’s no hot water, showering becomes extremely uncomfortable, if not entirely unfeasible. Cleaning and cooking can become problematic too. Basically, the sooner the issue is resolved, the better. 4. Sewer backups Sewer backups can cause extensive water damage and are a serious health hazard. Often they’re caused by a blockage in the plumbing or a sump pump failure. To prevent sewer backups in the future, you may want to install a backwater valve, which is designed specifically to prevent sewer backup. The moment wastewater in your pipes begins to flow back toward your home the backwater valve closes to prevent the sewage from entering your drain pipes. Hire an Emergency Plumber in Richmond Hill At Black Forest Plumbing, we know that emergencies can strike without warning. It’s why we provide 24/7 emergency plumbers ready to help. If you have a plumbing problem that needs to be solved fast, our experienced team is just a call away. For residential and commercial emergency plumbing services in the GTA, contact us today. Book A Service Appointment


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